The Perfect Sumac Spritz

On a warm day, a spritz just fits the bill.  This Eastern Mediterranean Sumac Spritz is our favorite. It can be had on its own or can be paired with a flavorful meal. We love it because the sumac is just so interesting: tart and earthy. Coupled with Cappalletti, a wine-based aperitif, that has a rich, full character alongside some gentle herbal flavors and a hint of citrus peel, it makes for a fantastic cocktail base.

For the sumac base.

1 bottle cappeletti, infused for 24 hours with the skin of one orange and one grapefruit.

After straining, infuse 50mg of high quality sumac and infuse for an additional 24 hours.

Strain through a fine chinois (if you have one) or sieve then again through chinois + cheesecloth. You're trying to get rid of all the sumac particles.

For the sumac spritz.

Prepare and serve in a wine glass.

2 oz of sumac spritz base

3.5 oz sparkling wine (we like to use Cava)

Add ice.

Garnish with an orange twist.

Note.  you don't have to infuse for 24 hours but you should at least do so overnight. Be careful when infusing the sumac though as doing so for more than 24 hours yields a very tannic base.