Braised Summer Peppers, Farmers Cheese and Pumpkin Seeds

Peppers, when in season, are absolutely amazing. They have a natural sweetness to them that you just want to savor by not overcooking and pairing with other ingredients that complement rather than overwhelm. We love this dish and so do our guests. And it's a really easy dish to make. 

The Peppers.

sweet peppers 4 quarts

garlic              6-8 cloves

ground coriander 2 table spoon

olive oil            1 cup

water                1/2 cup

chili flake          pinch

lemon juice       1 oz

picked cilantro   to taste

picked parsley  to taste

Cut peppers into rustic chunks about 3 by 3 inch cuts, remove insides and discard.

Chop garlic.

Start olive oil and chopped garlic in a cold pot, constantly stir until garlic gets a bit of color then add ground coriander and chili flake. Continue to stir and toast until the garlic becomes golden brown.

Then add water and peppers, salt to taste. You may add additional water and oil if needed, stir and top with a parchment lid.

The desired texture is for the pepper to be cooked but still maintaining some bite/crunch as the best things about peppers in season is that perfect texture.

Once peppers are cooked, take off the heat and add lemon juice, the herbs, folding them so that they wilt lightly.

The Pumpkin Seeds.

Pumpkin seeds 1 cup

Olive oil            1 cup

Start with the seeds and oil in a small sauce pan from cold. Place over medium heat and stir occasionally. Once the seeds start to gain a golden toasted color they are done. Strain the seeds from the oil and transfer to a small bowl and toss with salt to taste, then transfer to a flat surface to cool.

The Farmer's Cheese.

Labneh  (can be purchased at Middle Eastern specialty stores)    1 cup

Crumbled feta       1/2 cup

Shaved kashcaval cheese 1/2 cup

Water         1/4 cup

Zest of one lemon

Add all ingredients into a bowl and fold together.

Putting it all Together.

This is a warm and cold dish so make sure the peppers are warm. Pile nicely in a plate. Scoop a dollop of cold Farmer's Cheese on top of the peppers. Sprinkle the fried pumpkin seeds over the top and finish with a little black pepper and a drizzle of your best olive oil. Enjoy the summer's offering of sweet peppers!