'Tawla does  ________. ' Dinner Series

To celebrate the rich history of the intricate spice routes and their impact on the regional cuisines that make up Tawla’s menu, we are excited to debut our “Tawla does _________.” Dinner Series this August. We will explore the ingredients and preparation techniques whose history is rooted in the Eastern Mediterranean countries that inspire our menu - Greece, Turkey, the Levant, and Iran - but are now mainstays in cuisines across Europe, Africa, and beyond.

Tawla will highlight a specific region and dive into each region’s dishes and flavors through the Tawla lens. Known around the world as the symbol for community, dining, and coming together, the act of breaking bread will be key to each of these meals. As with Tawla’s house-made bread program, each dinner will revolve around a bread from that region in focus with Eastern Mediterranean roots.Every meal will be served in Tawla’s signature family-style format. 

Kicking off the series in August, the first stop will be Sicily, where much of Italy’s regional cuisine traces its roots. The first two dinners will start with Mafalda, a braided loaf made from semolina flour, an ingredient that traces its roots back to Arabia. Other highlights from the menu will include  an heirloom tomato panzanella with anchovy, capers, and fresh wild oregano, and pistachio arancini with pecorino, mozzarella, caciocavallo, and saffron.

Executive Chef Joseph Magidow is incredibly knowledgeable in the rich histories of our ingredients and is excited to explore these flavors with you! We will then move to Provence, France in September, and Southern Spain in October.

Tawla does Sicily Dinner I - Thursday 8/17 (sold out)

Tawla does Sicily Dinner II - Thursday 8/24 (sold out)

Tawla does Provence Dinner I - Thursday 9/7 (sold out)

Tawla does Provence Dinner II - Thursday 9/21 (sold out)

Tawla does Provence Dinner II - Thursday 9/28 (sold out)

Tawla does Andalucia Dinner I - Thursday 10/19 (sold out)

Tawla does Andalucia Dinner II - Thursday 10/26  (sold out)