Midsummer Night's Feast

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Midsummer Night's Feast_small.png
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Midsummer Night's Feast


In collaboration with The Peach Farm, Mariquita, Star Route Farm, Yerena Farm, Pacific Coast Meats, and Water2Table, we invite you to join us for a really special and intimate evening in our Cellar celebrating all things midsummer.

Chef Joseph Magidow has prepared a feast that shows off Eastern Mediterranean cuisine: 

HOUSE BREAD wheat bran crust

SEEDED BREAD sesame, nigella

CHEESE BOREK white squash, feta, kashkaval

LAMB BOREK sujuk, sumac onions


MUHAMMARA walnuts, sweet peppers, pomegranate molasses

THREE LABNEH maras pepper and dried mint, za’atar and olive oil, hazelnut dukkah

KOUSA SKORDALIA lemon, garlic


EARLY GIRL TOMATOES za’atar, marinated feta

SMOKED TROUT dill avgolemono, avocado, crispy shallots

MUJADARA lentils, rice, yogurt, cherry tomatoes

SUMMER FIGS fig leaf yogurt, honey, hazelnuts


MUSAKA blistered eggplant, cherry tomatoes

HALIBUT MOLOKHIA mallow leaves, fermented chile, coriander fumet

SMOKED LOUKANIKO peach moustarda


CRISPY PORK SADDLE charred figs, escarole

HORTA greek amaranth, awarma



MUHULLABIA milk pudding, candied pistachio, orange blossom water, stonefruit

STRAWBERRIES whipped labneh, rose water. almonds, long pepper, pomegranate molasses

Wine Director Shaundon Castonguay will be pairing wines from our cellar that go perfectly with every bite!

Space is very limited. Price includes service and tax. Events starts at 6:30pm.

** The menu may have some slight changes because our farmer friends and California may bring us some different things the day of the event!

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